June 18-21
*Grades K-6th
We are going to have a GREAT TIME together with Games, Crafts, Snacks, Skits, Memory Verses, Contests and of course Learning from God's Word! This VBS is themed around the fun and very popular Lego toys. Each night we will learn about Letting Go (Le-Go) and Letting God..
Day 1: Le-Go of Doubt and Let God have Control
Day 2: Le-Go of Fear and Trust God
Day 3: Le-Go of Your Sins and Let God Forgive You
Day 4: Le-Go of Bad Influences and Let God Give You New Ones
Each Child that comes will receive their own Lego  Bracelet and the opportunity to WIN PRIZES including a NEW BICYCLE!! The child who earns the MOST POINTS will get a 499 PIECE LEGO SET
(3 kids will also get to spray a Team Captain with Silly String on the Final Night of VBS!)
Click on the Telephone if you need a ride or more information. >>>